Fact-Check: 12th Fail is NOT the first film to play in Baramulla, Kashmir; Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan was the inaugural film; Vikrant Massey-starrer is the first to get daily shows

The sleeper hit of 2023, 12th Fail, is having an unbelievable run in cinemas. It was released on October 26 and since then, has grown from strength to strength. Even after streaming on Disney+ Hotstar from December 30, it continued to get an audience in cinemas, stunning the trade and industry. The film’s 100 days’ completion in cinemas was celebrated in a grand fashion recently. Many thought that it would soon end its run in theatres. But that hasn’t happened and surprisingly, it has got another feather in its cap.

It was widely reported since a few days that 12th Fail has become the first film to be screened in Baramulla, Jammu and Kashmir in a cinema hall named Jadooz. However, Jadooz in Baramulla was inaugurated last year in July and Shah Rukh Khan-starrer Pathaan was the first film that got played there. Kashmir’s Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha had inaugurated this theatre, which is located in Baramulla’s Sherwani Community Hall. Hence, many were bewildered by the news that 12th Fail is the first film to get screened at the 100-seater hall in Baramulla.

Bollywood Hungama exclusively spoke with Rahul Nehra, founding managing director of Jadooz, on this aspect. He clarified that 12th Fail is the first film to have daily shows. Until now, films were not played in Jadooz Baramulla every day due to certain challenges. But Rahul Nehra and his team are now committed to ensure that the theatre stays operational 365 days a year.

Rahul Nehra told Bollywood Hungama, “What we have resolved now is that unless there’s snowfall and people cannot move out of their homes, the cinema halls will not stop functioning. Every day, there will be at least 1 or 2 shows 365 days a year.”

He explained why it took a while for them to play daily shows saying, “We were understanding the market, the people’s sentiments and what kind of content would be welcomed there. After 30 years, there was a discovery phase for the audience. We have committed investments to make them run throughout the year.”

"JADOOZ" Cinema in Baramulla reopened for public, Today DC Baramulla @mingasherpa Formally Opened it while Vishnu Vinod Chopra's 12 Fail Film was screened as first Show. pic.twitter.com/S6sfOa9mXB
— Kashmir Post (@KashmirPostNews) February 16, 2024

A video has surfaced online that shows Lieutenant Governor Baramulla Minga Sherpa formally inaugurating the new phase of daily shows in Jadooz Baramulla. While talking to the media, he confirmed that Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha had inaugurated the cinema hall last year and that from now on, daily shows will be played.

Baramulla is not the only centre in Kashmir where Jadooz runs a theatre. They also have theatres in Pulwama and Shopian, which were inaugurated in 2022. The one in Handwara was thrown open to the public last year. This year, three more Jadooz theatres will be inaugurated. Rahul Nehra revealed, “These theatres are located in Pahalgam, Udhampur and Anantnag.”

Coming back to 12th Fail, it stars Vikrant Massey in the lead and is directed by Vidhu Vinod Chopra.

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