Surbhi Tiwari to file for divorce; Shagun actress accuses in-laws and husband of domestic violence

In 2019, Surbhi Tiwari announced her wedding with pilot and businessman Praveen Kumar Sinha. Now, three years later, she has filed for divorce and has even accused Praveen and his family of domestic violence. As per recent reports, she claimed that her husband went back on his word for relocating to Mumbai and she even had to lose out on TV soaps and work owing to extensive travelling.

Surbhi Tiwari to file for divorce; Shagun actress accuses in-laws and husband of domestic violence

In an interview with ETimes, Surbhi Tiwari candidly spoke about what went wrong in her marriage. She elaborated on her struggle saying, “Praveen had agreed to move to Mumbai to live with me but later refused to relocate. I wanted to continue acting but I couldn’t take up daily soaps, as I was flying with him. As a result, I was financially dependent on him and struggled for money. Besides, I wanted to start a family soon but he wasn’t keen.”

She also agreed to filing a complaint against her mother-in-law, husband and family in the said interview. She was quoted adding, “I have filed a complaint against Praveen, his mother and his sisters-in-law for domestic violence and intimidating me. Also, I haven’t got my jewellery back, which is my right. Along with the jewellery given to them and me at the wedding, I also took silverware with me. I haven’t got anything back.”

In the said interview, she also explained that she felt cheated post marriage about many things. She even agreed that she wanted to part ways amicably but because her husband refused to divorce her, she had to take the legal route. She asserted that she will be soon filing for divorce.

Being associated with some popular serials like Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii, Kumkum - Ek Pyara Sa Bandhan, Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo, among others, Surbhi Tiwari's claim to fame was Shagun in which she played the lead role of Aradhana.

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